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  • Managing Director
  • PHD in Law (University of Paris X-Nanterre- FRANCE)
  • Member of the Bar of Mali (Board Member)
  • Associate Member listed on the Brussels French Bar Association

  • Principal Partner
  • Master’s degree in international law
  • Manager of the Bank -Finance and Taxation
  • Financial Expert
  • Master in Finance IPAG


  • Head of litigation Department
  • Master’s degree in private law
  • Attorney
  • Member of Malian Bar Association
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  • Head of the Training Department
  • PHD in Law from University of Nantes- France
  • Member of the Bar of Mali and Rennes (FRANCE).
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  • General Manager
  • Master degree in private law
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Wac-partners, international counsel firm located in Bamako – Mali has offices in Paris, Bruxels, Saint Petersburg, Conakry, N'Djamena, Accra, Kinshasa, Dakar and Lome. We work with various partners depending on the legal area in more than 15 african countries.
We have a broad range of clients, from all countries and all industries, from multinational to start-up companies.

To better meet the expectations of our clients, we have extend our expertise to a wider range of upstream advice for both natural and legal persons in Mali or abroad.

The firm has the will and determination to deliver to its clients the best services in its areas of jurisdiction. Most of the human resources of our firm are successfully experienced senior lawyers in legal management and engineering.

The firm reconcile case analysis and processing with a complete understanding of the socio-economic context in which it evolves. That explains the international nature of the firm whose actors have a deep understanding of the economic and socio-cultural context es of developping countries, including countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

The strong presence of the firm in studies and advices in governance and sustainable development fields, as well as it great vocation in academic research, undoubtedly confer it a high added value.

Why us?

WAC-Partners firm ethics is structured around 4 main axes :


Trained and experienced, WAC-Partners firm members have strong skills at your service.


The firm commits to never divulge the identity of the clients and put in place with them a continued listening and dialogue.


Clear and transparent fees at the very first consultation.


The firm closely associates you with the strategic descisions of your defenseLe cabinet vous associe etroitement aux choix strategiques de votre defense so that you are fully prepared on the day of the hearing.


WAC-Partners firm is historically established in the legal area of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) which allows it to practice in 15 countries in this same legal area :
Benin / Burkina Faso / Cape Verde / Ivory Coast / Gambia / Ghana / Guinea / Guinea-Bissau / Liberia / Mali / Niger / Nigeria / Sierra Leone / Senegal / Togo
With our 10 offices and every one of our correspondents, we can manage companies and institutions cases among most geographicf areas of the world.

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Fields of competences

WAC-Partners has built its reputation on its expertise in financial, banking and insurance consulting. Our council include:
  • Writing all type of document.
  • Supporting banks in controlling the evolution of banking legislation and training of staff.
  • Legal support for borrowing companies and in the acquisition phase.
  • Support in the development of banking products and services.
  • Support for the development of insurance products and services for financial institutions and insurers.
  • Follow-up of inter-bank and inter-insurer disputes.
  • We offer a wide range of services, from advice to assistance in the event of a tax audit.

    We also advise groups on:
  • Expatriation, secondment of staff.
  • Pre-deployment training.

  • We assist groups in their net / net calculations :
  • Contract associated with their travel.
  • Accompanying first installation for a family and individual.
  • Monitoring and / or assistance in the event of tax problems or double taxation.
  • WAC PARTNERS has been involved in the negotiation and drafting of many Public Private Partnership contracts we are recognized for our expertise in this field as one of the best law firms in the ECOWAS and ECOCAS region.
    Business law is our core activity, from training to monitoring our client’s affairs internationally. This leads us to accompany them in their developments abroad. We spend a lot of time impregnating ourselves with the trades of our clients to better stick to their needs.
    This leads to a cross-cutting approach that encompasses the law as a whole :

    General Commercial Law
    Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts and all related matters.

    We offer a wide range of services and advice to our clients, companies that have unions or not, or have "in-house" unions.
    We also represent our clients in individual or collective proceedings against them.

    Work contracts
    We offer all types of contracts from standard to complex, including special clauses.

    Work relationship
    This includes negotiations and collective agreements settling, designation clauses, but also all rules of good practice and code of conduct in the company.

    From the beginning, our firm has been assisting clients in their local and international developments.

    Our lawyers and our councils have all the capacity to support the groups in their restructuring, shareholders or creditors issues. We can also follow groups or companies interested in acquiring a business in liquidation.
    The location of our head office in Bamako has predisposed us since our creation to represent the major stakeholders in the mining sector, precious metals and semi-precious metals. More recently, large institutions, ministries and state-owned companies have chosen us to defend and promote their interests in fossil fuels.

    We include in our services both acquisitions, sales of mines or mining concessions and the organization of secure transactions.
    The complexity and rapid evolution of laws and agreements between governments and their respect make it a crucial subject. Our advice includes permanent update.

    Commercial Transactions-Agreements We assist our mining clients in all the steps.

    Advice to leaders We take charge of presenting environmental risks to employees and managers, but we also propose the writing of customer-specific delegation clauses and any document that minimizes the risks of liability related to the subject.
    We assist our clients in their internal and external developments of services and products and we intervene in the following areas :
  • The distribution of products of all kinds, notice of instructions and pricing in accordance with the legislation in force in each country.
  • Marketing and advertising around products, ways to market and promote them. Assistance to our clients in their country of origin and in their locations.
  • Our multiple locations allow us to respond to the needs of our clients and help them with the standard laws and practices of the country of their request.
  • Formalization in the response to private or public tenders.
  • The acquisition of our clients' participation, mergers and acquisitions or joint venture projects. We can also represent them in all the steps preliminary to this type of operations.
  • Construction
    This applies to all private or public construction markets. This also includes all stakeholders.

  • Drafting all types of contracts related to the construction.

  • Merger – acquisition
  • Preparation of the necessary legal documents as part of authorizations to build or modify an existing one.
  • Advice on site workers.
  • All agreements, negotiations related to legal obligations, subcontractors and more generally all stakeholders on the site.

  • Real estate
    Our lawyers have a complete experience of the real estate issues and they represent all the stakeholders of the real estate world.

    Offer - purchase - sale
    We assist our clients in the formalization of their offer, the acquisition and sale of their personal or professional property.
    Our lawyers prepare, format and organize the authorization and / or derogation files which make it possible to collect all acquisition authorizations whatever the case may be, from the simplest case to the most complex case.

    Financing - financial arrangements We help our clients in the formalization of their needs, the search for financial partners. Disputes We represent our clients with all conventional, legal or arbitration issues.
    We assist governments in signing treaties, trade agreements, and establishing diplomatic and commercial representation.
    We also hold investment shows in several African countries to promote companies and the country.
    We accompany countries in the settlement of conflict between countries or between state companies by any arbitral or judicial means.
    In addition, since our creation, our firm have been with its clients in all their international issues.
    It integrates:
  • New implantation or location search.
  • Monitoring investments and related transactions.
  • Foreign transactions as well as contracts and rules and regulations to be considered.
  • ICT
    Our clients come with written information as well as computer and internet media. We draft the contracts protecting their interests, including those related to intellectual property, we assist and represent them in case of proceedings. We advise start-ups and international groups.

    Intellectual Property
    Our lawyers are able to understand the technological and commercial issues of our clients and write custom-made contracts, notices that protect them in their best interests. This includes all steps, formalizations to register in the best places and in the best conditions of protection patents.

    Advertising and Marketing
    Our lawyers represent groups of all sizes and all activities, particularly in the agri-food, metals and fossil fuels sectors. This includes :
  • Legislation on obligations and legal notices.
  • Writing of the product descriptions.
  • Registration and protection of products.
  • Website linked to the products.
  • Our expertise is recognized for all dispute resolution. Our advice includes assistance and defense in case of mediation, arbitration or litigation. Our many successes in the defense of our clients have made our notoriety and our pugnacity is recognized by all.
    Our African headquarters has always had a special relationship with NGO institutions that bring so much to the African continent.
    We manage all aspects of their implantation also the legal aspects of their registration, the management of donors and donations, the rules of operation, good practices and good behavior but also the legal and legal aspects in each country concerned.
    Our lawyers manage the protection and the respect of private life for the physical and moral person.
    This includes all the advice for companies that benefit their employees and customers.
    By extension this integrates advice on the use of media and computers by the company and its employees.
    We are particularly honored to be part of this very small circle of law firm that has all the skills to negotiate, acquire or sell Art work on behalf of third parties. This includes painting, drawings, sculpture of all times.
    We are specialized in prospective African Art.
    Our clients are owners or looking for an airplane acquisition of any size :
  • Applicable regulations.
  • In terms of acquisition / lease / management / transport.
  • For the most adapted financial packages.
  • In terms of transport, especially precious metals.
  • For day-to-day management: crews, various taxes including customs.
  • For claims and compensation.
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